The Toyota Camatte Concept – For Kids Only!

By admin on June 30, 2013 in Toyota

2012 cametteLast year Toyota debuted a unique concept car, but this one was just a little different – it was a concept car for kids! The 2012 versions of the Camatte concept were pedal cars that both kids and2012 toyota camette concept parents could work together to build. This year Toyota got just a bit more serious and debuted the Camatte 57S and Camatte 57S Sport at the 2013 Tokyo Toy Show. What is the difference you may ask? The difference is that the pedal power is gone and has been replaced with an electric motor. These high-tech mini-cars, similar to the “Power Wheels” vehicles many parents are familiar with in the United States, are understandably drawing a lot of attention.

2013 camatte 57The Camatte 57S and 57S Sport are both constructed from 57 (hence the name) interchangeable panels that allow kids and parents to create whatever look and style they want to. While the interior is realistic enough to feature a 45 mph speedometer, the top speed of the Camatte is expected to be only about 28 mph. While this still may be a little fast for some parents to be comfortable with, the Camatte 57S and 57S Sport features a governor which allows parents to restrict the top speed down to as slow as 3 mph. It is also built to allow a parent to tag along and much like the days of driver education, have dual control over the brakes and steering if an unexpected situation arises. At 118 inches long, it may not be the biggest mini-car you have ever seen, but it will certainly make your kids feel like they are driving something special.

2013 camette

While you may be thinking that one of these would be a great Christmas gift for your kids, do not get too excited yet, they are still only concepts. No announcement has been made as to when or even if they will go into production. However, we will keep our readers updated if any new information is released on their availability. In the meantime, you can head over to Street Toyota and find a “toy” for yourself. At Street Toyota, we have a great selection of pre-owned high-end cars including Porsche, Mercedes and BMW in addition to all the great new Toyotas and Scions we have available. You can visit us online at, or come see us in person at 4500 S Soncy in Amarillo, Texas. Treat yourself to something fun at Street Toyota!

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